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help I’m having emotions about a cartoon antidepressant trying to be useful


yes but look at it, it cares about her and just wants to help her be able to function. It’s like “I know you’re sad. here, I’ll help you.”

LIKE OKAY THOUGH can I explain why this is exceedingly brilliant??  Because when anti-depressants work right, that’s what they DO.  They don’t make you happy or emotionless or unhealthy in any way, they make you FUNCTIONAL.  They make it so that a depressed person who can barely get out of bed can start to support themselves again and more importantly, start to THINK for themselves again without the permeating presence of depression.

Depression is a cyclical disease, that tells you to think a certain way, and, because you’re depressed, you generally believe it, and then things get worse and worse.  The ONLY thing anti-depressants do is to STOP that cycle in its tracks!!  Which is something to be ecstatic about and celebrated, even if you don’t realize it at the time, because when you’re depressed, getting out of bed is climbing Mount Everest.  Antidepressants help stop that cycle so that one day soon, getting out of bed can JUST be getting out of bed.  They don’t even expedite the recovery process in most cases, they just make recovery POSSIBLE IN THE FIRST PLACE.  So this little guy is portrayed with a fuckton more accuracy than I ever expected from a commercial.

It’s actually an antipsychotic to be added to your regular anti deppressant. I don’t know why they advertise it as a depression medication, when in fact it isn’t.

Probably since advertising it as an antipsychotic would confuse the average viewer. Also, doesn’t help that “psycho” is in the name.

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To reiterate what shamelesslyunladylike said:

The only moment where you should speak out, IMO, is when you’re with a male-only audience who wouldn’t listen to a woman. For example, if you’re in a pub with your male friends and one of then makes a sexist joke, call him out. You see a coworker being a dick to a woman, call him out. You see some dude being gross and hitting on a cashier who cannot speak back or she might lose her job, call him out. You will lose social reputation for doing that, you will be called names, but these are things that actually help. Speaking over us doesn’t help.

Speaking over us doesn’t help. Speaking for us doesn’t help. Regurgitating our words as if they’re your own doesn’t help. Condescending to anti-feminist (or non-radical feminist) women doesn’t help.

What would help? Staying away from feminism/feminist spaces (i.e., don’t seek out feminists to impress and feminist organisations to get involved in just because you agree that feminism - a movement for women - is important), and simply supporting women by challenging misogyny where you see it, actively protesting male violence and pornography, etc.

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It can be so hard sometimes to not compare yourself to other girls?? Like I just wanna love other women and I want to be free of girl hate

its hard though

esp when you’ve always been taught to measure your worth up against another girl’s for male attention

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came across this instrumental cover, and I started tearing up. I think I found the perfect lullaby for my baby. it’s so pretty.

"All at once, everything is different…now that I see you.”

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we grabbed pizza and my parents were like “maybe you should get a job for the month??”

and im like where the fuck am I gonna work for a single month likkeeee?

and then they were like

"guess we’ll have to support you for the month”

i cost like, basically zero dollars

i don’t eat a lot of food

i don’t go anywhere


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terrible things happen, and then you move on.

that is, of course, your only option. no one will tell tell you what exactly to do during the “and then” -  there are no guidelines. but there is a script for you to follow, you’ll only know when you mess it up and your recovery isn’t a lifetime movie.

there is very little help. there is only the expectation that you should be better by now, to have forgotten all about it and have learned a lesson from those terrible things. at some point you’ll have passed the deadline of people being sick and tired of dealing with you when you’re dealing with it.

there will be no such demand made of those who hurt you. there is only the demand that you never let a terrible thing happen to you again, because christ, there must be some part of you that liked it if it happens more than once. 

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You are a large brained species, your distant ancestors did not walk upright for this nonsense
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